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Helping creators and entrepreneurs curate a social presence that converts to real business results!

> Brand Therapy 

> Social Media     Management

> Business Ideation

You need Brand Therapy if:

  1. When you started your business you thought branding was complete with just a website, social media account, and/or a logo. 

  2. You find yourself thinking of so many great ideas for your business, but you don't know which to start on or how to make them all work together.

  3. You're ready to rebrand and/or scale your business.

You need SMM if:

  1. Your business is growing so much that you just don't have the time to manage social media.

  2. You don't like and/or don't understand social media, ads, and algorithms, but you know it's important for your business.

  3. You're tired of doing social media yourself and not getting the results you want.




I'm Autume!

Autume Monét Brunswick to be exact. I empower everyday goal-getters and brands to show up for their audience consistently, skillfully, and with ease.


Most people cringe at the thought of having to manage social media and do the backend work of maintaining brand consistency. Oddly enough, I'm the complete opposite. With my years of successful experience in influencer marketing, analytics, and leadership I'm confident in my ability to help entrepreneurs, businesses, and influencers like you truly understand the importance of branding, clearly map out your business goals, reach and engage your target audience, and develop a consistent digital presence.


I'd love to meet and learn more about you and discuss if I'm a good fit for you and your goals. If the feeling is mutual, check out my services below, and let's discuss what working together would look like!

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Social Media
& Brand Strategy

I curate strategies that cater to your business, niche, and audience. I then translate your strategy to the appropriate social accounts, building your brand's customer loyalty and gaining you real business results

Brand Therapy Sessions

Think therapist, but for your brand. In this 2-4 hour session I'll help you unpack struggles you did and didn't know you had in business. We will develop goals and solutions to change the trajectory of your business and improve how you interact with your audience.

Email &

Keep your audience engaged and generate leads with e-newsletters, email nurture systems, and blog posts. I write copy that speaks to the desires of your audience and manage email analytics to ensure the work is profitable.


Whether you're needing a landing page or a full website, I want to help you optimize that "next step" customers will take in trusting your brand. I develop websites that are easy to navigate, complement your brand, and leads to buyin.


FREE Monthly
Goal Setting eBook!

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Purpose Planners!

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Contact Me

Hey! I love to talk all things business, goals, and branding. Fill out the form below to ask me any questions or schedule a time to meet!

(Please allow at least 24 hours for a response! Talk to ya soon!)

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