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About Autume Monét


Autume Monet's mission is to positively impact and inspire better social experiences and outcomes through education, strategy, and transparency.

Goal & Objectives

My goal is to lead my clients to the best social media outcomes for thier business with the following objectives:

  1. Perfecting social appearances to quickly captivate their target audience(s)

  2. Providing education, understanding, and how-to's on navigating social media other channels for thier specific goals

  3. Creating better connections and brand loyalty between clients and their target audience(s)

  4. Developing and managing strategic social strategy and management

  5. Curating crative content and guidance

Meet The Founder & CEO

Autume Monét Brunswick


Autume Monét, LLC was founded in July of 2021, by founder Autume Monét Brunswick with the goal of helping businesses show up consistently, skillfully, and with ease.


Autume graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 2018 where she earned her BBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Public Relations. She immediately began working on

the corporate side of influencer marketing, helping her employer scout and vet social media talent; analyzing and predicting social media and in-store customer behavior for major brands and retailers like Walmart, Publix, Dollar General, Unilever, and more; creating automation for customer and employee SOPs; and so much more.


Autume simultaneously pursued e-Commerce sales, an MS in Business Leadership from John Brown University, and became an influencer through her lifestyle blog and Instagram brand deals.

Through her experience, one dilemma Autume found with many business owners is that they have amazing businesses and ideas, but do not always know how to effectively reach their target audience. That is why Autume Monét, LLC, for brand therapy and social media management, was born. Whether entrepreneurs do not like, do not understand, or do not have the time to deal with them, Autume can fulfill your brand and social media needs.

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